Simple Microsites

micro web site.

We typically design websites to grow and prosper over the long haul. We strongly believe in building value on the web, and this will become increasingly important.

But sometimes you just need something simpler or perhaps temporary.... the "magnificent one-pager" for an event or maybe a custom landing page for a promotion. Maybe you are bootstrapping or trying out an idea. Can a microsite still have an impact?

Microsites Often Make Sense

Microsites are fun to build and we have a package of options that make perfect sense for most scenarios, but more on that below.

The key here again is how to have an impact. What are you trying to achieve... promoting a new product? Taking pre-orders? Collecting signups? Selling tickets?

Microsites really make sense when you just need to collect everything -- your social media and other 3rd party functions like ticket sales -- under one roof so it's easy to promote and track all of the channels.

Elements of a Microsite

This really depends on what your mission is -- and we can't wait to hear about it! -- but while a Microsite is limited in scope, it can be made up of or integrated with many other things. Like social media accounts and ticketing services and youtube videos and of course Google Analytics so you know what is working best and what isn't.