Milestones and Payment

Every Superclean project is unique, but over the past 25+ years we have learned a process that works very well. We tend to work with momentum so, if the client is readily available to review and provide input, we can get your new site online rather quickly.

Phase I: Project Planning

Because every project is unique, we try to get as much information up front so that we can give you a detailed Scope of Work (w/ accurate cost estimate.) 

Phase II: Design and Development

Design, functional development, and content gathering are concurrent efforts. You will be able to view design mock-ups and construction site as the project unfolds. At various points you will need to make decisions and give approval to keep the project moving forward.

Phase III: Site Launch

After refinements, testing, and client approval, the site is launched. We also record performance benchmarks and make optimizations as necessary. There might be Superclean Reports setup or website owner training also.

Phase IV: Post-launch Services

You either have a plan to go it alone or sign up for Superclean's webmaster support plan.

How much does a website cost?

Based upon an assessment of your needs (often requiring a conversation by phone, aka free consultation) Superclean will formulate a "Scope of Work" that spells out the estimated costs for your project. The costs are based on project hours -- a unit of work that includes all parts involved with a component, including development, aesthetics, and testing. There are never any hidden costs with Superclean. You will know what you are getting and exactly how much it will cost up front unless you choose to increase the Scope of Work.

Superclean invoices via Freshbooks, which allows our clients to pay by check, credit card, or Paypal. Visa and Mastercard payments are processed through We can also help you set up your e-commerce and online payments! And yes, will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum (no XRP!!) but please talk to us first.