Social Media Integration

The power of social networking services to help grow your audience and collaborate online cannot be understated. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others are crucial to your online presence. But how to make them work best for you really depends on your own style and where you want to spend (or not spend) your time.

Superclean has a business page on Facebook (search: Superclean Web Services) and a Twitter account (supercleanweb). We have it set up so that when we post a new tweet, it automatically shows up on the wall of the Facebook page. This saves time.

Two birds, one stone.

We can take social media intregration even further. For example, upon posting a new article on Supercleanweb, we could have it post automatically to Twitter (and subsequently to Facebook) and we can even include a shortened URL streamlined into the process.

Show some style while not feeding the data miners.

[Superclean created its own URL shortener at -- we like to look at our data without sharing it with Silicon Valley data miners.]

If you want a create more private or proprietary social networking community, we can integrate a web-based forum with your website. These can be highly secure and invitation only if you so desire. They can be multi-threaded with tiered access, custom search-able, able to share documents, and much more.