11 Reasons Why Your Website's Visibility Is Not As Good As It Should Be

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The Superclean guide to getting more intentional visits to your website so you can grow more leads.

First, is your website safe to visit?

Is your website safe and secure?

The internet can be a treacherous place, and search engines / web browsers WILL FLAG YOU for being unsafe. Are you running proper SSL and up-to-date server software? Don't compromise yourself or your visitors... send the right signals with proper website security.

Bad code puts you in the penalty box.

Bad code puts your website in the penalty box.

Invisible to you, invalid code can be a blocker for getting indexed or rendered properly. Search engine spiders take note and damage your rankings. A technical audit reveals easy fixes (low hanging fruit) to get your website out of the penalty box.

Your site “works” on mobile... but is it optimized for mobile?

Optimize your website for mobile devices.

Your mobile page speed must be **snappy** or visitors leave right away. It also must be easy and pleasurable to use... or they won't use it. Search engines like Google have made it very clear that "optimized for mobile" is a crucial ranking factor in search results.

Your site is stubborn and slow.

Do not let your website be slow and stubborn like a turtle. Page speed matters!

FACT: you lose visitors when pages don't render in less than 3 seconds. Search engines care profusely about page speed -- they need to provide a good user experience! -- and that's why Google provides page speed testers + tools.

Don't confuse the robots!

Do not confuse the robots!

Indexing robots, search algorithms, and A.I. must make sense of your content before ranking it, so the way your content is coded is very important. Often, poor web page / content structure is readily fixable with HTML tweaks.

Your content is lacking.

Your content is a nothingburger.

People use search to find the best quality content. Are you providing well-written, helpful information... or serving NOTHINGBURGERS? Ultimately, search engines value top quality, relevant content because that's what their users seek!

Take advantage of meta and semantic markup.

Meta and semantic markup improves website visibility.

Modern web technologies present new opportunities to make your pages MORE searchable and MORE shareable with meta + schema markup. You can give your pages an extra boost by utilizing these techniques.

You don't appear in Long Tail Searches

Long tail searches bring in the most traffic.

MOST TRAFFIC comes from "long tail" searches aka specific 3-4 word queries. Understanding what people actually search for is the first step to owning your niche, followed by SEO analysis + content optimization cycles to tweak performance. This is an inexpensive way to build long-term value.

Your visitors are not engaged

Your visitors, like this dog, are not engaged.

Your visitors have arrived. Now what? Are they finding what they need? Do they want more? Are you guiding them toward a clear call-to-action? Creating a good user experience is always crucial and by leveraging your SEO data, this can always be improved.

You do not have an SEO Strategy

No SEO strategy means you are flying blind.

How do you expect people to find you? What keywords are you ranking for? If your competitors’ keywords rank better, guess who gets found? You are FLYING BLIND if you aren’t looking at your SEO data. Learn from your audience!

Your competitors *DO* have an SEO Strategy

Your competitors do have an SEO strategy.

Their website is fast, up to date, and a pleasure to use on mobile. They are providing quality, engaging content. They are targeting high volume AND long tail queries. THEY are getting visibility, traffic, and engagement instead of you. Are you ready to do something about it?

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