First Step - How to own your own Domain Name

I always encourage my clients to be sure they OWN THEIR OWN (domain) NAME and then leave the web hosting your web developer. If things go awry w/ your web site, you still have the control to point your "name" to another website on another web server. This way you are never trapped.

Domain names usually cost approximately $9/year and you can buy them at, which is as good a place as any.

1. Go to

2. Find that box that says "start a new domain search". Go ahead and try the name that you want. If you need help choosing a domain name, please refer to my other article.

3. Once you find a domain name that is available, go ahead and order it -- but don't buy anything else!! and all the others will try to upsell you on hosting, e-commerce, and lots of options that you don't need at this time. Pass on them all and go straight to checkout.

4. After you buy your domain (and now you have a or similar account), be sure to write down your account info and keep track of the renewal dates.

5. You will need to access your account in order to change DNS (Domain Name Servers.) These are the "pointers" that point your domain to the computer that contains your website. Your web developer or designer will give you info to plug in here.