The Top 10 Ways Superclean Can Empower Your Small Business

Superclean Web Services has been building websites for small businesses since 1995, and we think we have gotten pretty good at it. Much of the magic comes from the cross-pollination of ideas and solutions across our wide variety of clients… from snowboard manufacturers and real estate companies to technology startups and major label musicians. Please take a brief moment to learn what Superclean can do for your small business.

1. One point-of-contact saves you time and energy. We are a full-service shop.

Superclean provides help and strategy, web design, content management tools, integrated marketing, and ongoing support.

2. Take the time to learn about your business so we can educate you about your options.

Look at our portfolio and you know that we do not provide cookie-cutter solutions. Your needs are unique and we are here to provide you with a uniquely custom solution that works best for you.

3. Leverage proven, open-source technologies to give you safety and flexibility… and also keep your costs down.

Our favorite content management system (CMS) is Drupal. We believe it is the ideal open-source CMS platform for small business because of it's power and flexibility. Of course there are many high profile website using Drupal too, but the good news for you is that Drupal has enough momentum and maturity to link up with countless web services. [need post on Drupal's "partner list"]

4. Streamline your marketing efforts as you build your brand.

When you have new content to share, post it once and it can get publish at Twitter, Facebook, e-mail subscribers, RSS feeds, mobile devices and more. We help you to leverage social media while *you* maintain ownership of your brand and content. You should own the business that you build.

5. Build long-lasting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so you can keep growing your audience.

60 to 70% of web traffic usually comes from Google searches. It is *imperative* that you build up good SEO over time.

6. Gather intelligence and score your performance.

Create surveys and signups for your visitors and gather leads. See how your web traffic is doing. Look for keyword trends and refine targets for SEO. Superclean provides access and reports so you can measure your website's success.

7. Help craft your message and a strategy to get it out there… within your budget.

Often there is a gap between how your audience sees you and how you see yourself. We help write and position your message to close that gap and then best share it with the world.

8. Establish a mobile strategy presence - feed content to mobile apps or create a mobile version of your website.

Custom apps for iphone and android are expensive to develop but a mobile version of your website is not. You can even build a website specifically for mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and the new Amazon Fire to take advantage of "native" capabilities such as mapping, contacts, etc.

9. Provide training and support so that your maintenance costs are low but you always know who to call.

We can take care of your hosting… but also -- being open source -- you can take your site with you if you want a different hosting provider and/or webmaster.
We custom-tailor a support plan that works for you to control costs and keep your online goals moving forward.

10. Make you look beautiful with our "superclean" design style.