Superclean Guide to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Superclean Intro to Crypto

Blockchain and Crypto: This is still the beginning

Updated January, 2019

The world of blockchain/crypto/related technologies keeps moving forward. Bitcoin, the world's premiere proof-of-work network, continues to move forward despite crushing price action for the past year.

Where are we in the cycle? Before the recent crash, it felt like 1994 or 1995 as the web was first busting out. And the crash felt like the dot-com burst that followed. But we are still pre-adoption. Relative to the WWW timeline, it's more like 1992.

Great companies and communities busy now... building the Internet of Value... made possible by the invention of Bitcoin and blockchain*. Solving the digital double spending issue with cryptography and financial incentives (to mine, to run nodes, etc.) was no small feat!

These new technologies might never be knowingly and directly used by the general public. The Internet of Value will power the world of B2B. Smart contracts and oracles and proofs will be office vernacular. Youtube and Netflix might run off the Sia Network instead of giant data centers and you won't need to know. They will be enjoying the benefits of these new efficiencies.

*By blockchain I mean the overlapping areas of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.