Superclean Guide to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Superclean Intro to Crypto

These Are Still The Early Days

Today feels a lot like 1995 when the internet was tipping mainstream. How much do you hear about Bitcoin compared to 6 months ago?

Crypto's First Killer App

The original, immutable, open-source, de-centralized, trustless, censorship-resistant, peer-to-peer "currency" Bitcoin! Invented to solve the problems of centralized banks and bailouts, the underlying technology of Bitcoin is blockchain.

Brave New World

There is much more to crypto than Bitcoin, with 1000+ cryptocurrencies and new ICO's every day. They won't all survive, but the #winning is going to be huge. This is an amazing opportunity for early adopters, innovative startups, and investors as crypto tech advances, expands, and improves the internet (and everything attached to it.)