Superclean Guide to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Why is Bitcoin special?

Bitcoin, of course, is the OG! It's the first cryptocurrency, the first blockchain, the first proof-of-work network... so many firsts. It's value effects the value of all other cryptocurrencies because it is the crypto standard, ie, most crypto assets are traded and priced in bitcoin.

The more you get to know Bitcoin, the more interesting it gets. The Bitcoin Maximalists -- who proclaim all others to be shitcoins -- have some very good points. The hashing power of the network will probably never be equaled. It's over 10 years old and the blockchain has not itself been hacked or broken, although there has been contention that has led to forks. Bitcoin is constantly under threat by forces real and imagined but somehow it just keeps on being Bitcoin, shaking off attacks like the honeybadger.

I will argue that while Bitcoin is still King, there are other cryptocurrencies that have immense potential and don't necessarily need Bitcoin to succeed.