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We may not be scientists, but we get genuinely excited about this new tech. Biosynthetic materials. Cellular agriculture. Antibody discovery. Nanoparticle characterization. Tangential flow filtration. Tech on its way to solving huge problems that effect everybody, but typically not consumer facing or marketed properly.

In biotech-to-biotech (our take on B2B) markets, your intended audience is very specialized and may be unaware that you have the answer to their problem.

How will they find you?

Unlock the value of organic search

As of 2022, 53% of all web traffic originates via organic search and 15% via paid ads. 75% of that search traffic doesn't look past the first page of results.

It is safe to say that if you do not have a technically proper website and SEO/content marketing strategy, your intended audience won't find you without a heavy ad spend.

And if you aren't paying attention to your SEO analytics, you also miss the opportunity to learn what drives your audience so you can better fit their needs.

By leveraging the powers and efficiencies of organic SEO, you have the opportunity to build sustainable brand value while also gaining market intelligence by leveraging your own data.

Why is this a special opportunity for foodtech and biotech and such things?

A lot of it has to do with keywords. We pursue long-tail and short-tail queries in our strategies, but in here in "boutique tech" the keyword targets are typically low frequency queries, in which case it is easier to dominate the search results and "own the niche."

Web Services for biotech / foodtech / boutique tech startups

What we do, roughly in sequence:

  • Technical + SEO Audit (aka Jack's Gauntlet) + website tuning.
  • Establish benchmarks + set up tracking, reports, dashboard, + tags.
  • Put on our detective hats + research your competition / learn your niche.
  • Collaborate with you to establish keyword strategy + tracking.
  • Improve, optimize, + develop new content for web pages.
  • Map out user experience goals + conversion paths, set up tracking.
  • Analyze SEO reports to inform content, product marketing, + advertising strategies.
  • Analyze SEO to improve CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) for prioritized targets.
  • Optional: Manage search engine / display / programmatic ads.

Together, these services grow your sales funnel by increasing your overall visibility and value to your intended audience.

How does this typically work?

First, please talk to us and get a free consultation! There is no obligation and you will learn a lot.

The audit + fixes and setting up the data streams and dashboard usually takes 4 weeks.

Our SEO cycle is typically a 90 day program that either renews or shifts into "cruise control" by quarter, but we can be flexible. It's important to keep the dashboard going during periods where you marketing team is focused elsewhere.