Core Benefits of Responsive Web Design

A "responsive" website means that web pages will render in optimized fashion according to the width of the user's browser.

By using a technology called media queries, your website can bend and stack into optimized versions for iPhone, Android mobile devices, Android tablets, iPad, iPad mini, Windows Phone, and more while all of your content and URL's stay the same. This last part is especially crucial for those concerned about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Read more about Core Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Some Superclean Suggestions for CityofAlamedaCA.com

The new management at the City of Alameda is unhappy with the website they inherited, and I can hardly blame them. They recently posted a survey to gauge citizen satisfaction but I think discussion of the nuts-and-bolts could be useful.

Instead of discussing the visual aesthetics of the website, I would like to focus on the functionality. Aesthetics are the easy part… and should be relatively easy to change on the current site if they wish to keep the back end. Read more about Some Superclean Suggestions for CityofAlamedaCA.com

Messaging and Notifications

Do you have a member base or want to grow a membership website? Keeping people informed is tricky because you don't want to overdo it. Step over the line and it's "unsubscribe" time. How can we keep people in the loop without getting on their nerves?

The overall strategy here is to give them choices -- and some control -- because people like their information in different ways. I am subscribed to various sources in many sorts of ways. I'm on email lists and I follow certain twitter feeds. Others are suitable for Facebook follows and RSS feeds. Read more about Messaging and Notifications


Made with Drupal - what high-profile web sites are made with Drupal?

The Drupal CMS platform is getting more mainstream every day, thanks to a growing community of open-source developers all over the globe. The newest high-profile Drupal website is Whitehouse.gov, recently launched by Barack Obama's administration.

Below are some examples of high profile websites using drupal.

Entertainment industry: Lucas Arts, The Emmys, Disney's ABC Family community website, Universal Music, CBS, Warner Brothers Records.... Read more about Made with Drupal - what high-profile web sites are made with Drupal?