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The Alameda Community News Project promotes civic engagement and transparency by providing high quality, nonpartisan news coverage that is no longer available through traditional media. The goal is to provide a comprehensive and reliable record of Alameda's civic life, serving as a community watchdog over Alameda's major civic institutions and as the citizens' voice in local affairs.

Disclosure: Jack Boeger, principal of Superclean, serves on the Advisory board of the Alameda News Project, which should be pointed out does *not* have an editorial role. Superclean is involved because we believe in the stated goals of the project.

The current site (March 2012) is in beta and we are working on new improvements and features for the more elaborate launch coming later this year.

Testimonial - The Alamedan

Jack designed a cutting-edge website for The Alamedan that gives us the power to tell stories using a wealth of 21st century digital tools, functionality that is critically important as the news business is undergoing a massive transformation. I don't think I can say enough about how grateful I am for his dedication to our work, his creativity and his availability in the face of our 24/7 news cycle, and his presence on our advisory committee has served as a catalyst for many of the creative ideas we are putting into play. We certainly would not have gotten this far without him, and I'm excited to see what Jack come up with as we create The Alamedan 2.0.

- Michele Ellson, Editor of The Alamedan