Quality equipment and services for Biotech, Food and Beverage, and Industrial manufacturing.
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Superclean has worked with Flotek, a product and service provider in Biotech and Food + Beverage industries, since 2016.

This Drupal site has changed a lot over the years as Flotek has to be very flexible in this fast-moving space. We have had to learn a lot about their business, from peristaltic pumps to bioreactors to sensors and now their own products such as the Closed Loop Controller.

The Controllers and dissolved oxygen meters (doTek) are available for purchase directly on the site.

Testimonial - Flotek

Jack’s ability to put our thoughts into a structured visual medium is spot-on. He has a knack for taking complicated, difficult to describe visions, and making them into simple reality. Jack is a key component in our marketing efforts & truly a pleasure to work with.

Robert Dubuc – Sales & Marketing Manager