Solaris Biotech USA

Solaris Biotech USA
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Solaris Biotech is an Italian-based designer and manufacture of bioreactors, fermentors, and TFF systems.

Superclean has been involved since the launch of in early 2018. We built this website and continue to develop content / new pages. Much of our emphasis is on building organic SEO and developing new leads for the company.

Since working with Solaris, Flotek, and Countstar, Superclean has become somewhat of an expert for biotech web design and marketing. Much of this equipment is also used for foodtech research and production. It's all about the fermenters!

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Testimonial - Flotek

Jack’s ability to put our thoughts into a structured visual medium is spot-on. He has a knack for taking complicated, difficult to describe visions, and making them into simple reality. Jack is a key component in our marketing efforts & truly a pleasure to work with.

Robert Dubuc – Sales & Marketing Manager
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