Hosting and Support

Most of our clients arrange to have their websites hosted on Superclean's servers because:

  • You know exactly who to call for almost all questions and issues (call Superclean!)
  • We take care of everything server-related. You don't have to think about it.
  • You get exceptional value as hosting is packaged into Superclean support plans.
  • We typically run on LiquidWeb linux VPS servers completely optimized for Drupal sites.
  • Email setup is included (or forwarders to your gmail, whichever you prefer.)
  • We are very serious about insuring as close to 100% uptime as possible for your site.
  • Not only that. We really stress pagespeed performance and our servers are geared for this.

About our hosting environments:

  • Most Superclean clients are hosted on our servers at LiquidWeb. We can set you up with excellent rates on the server appropriate for your needs.
  • Scaleable - We can set you up on a cloud server so that you can start small and easily grow, and ramp up resources for specific/temporary events, such as when there is a major press release or you are featured on Oprah.
  • Our Drupal sites are best served on LAMP (Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP).
  • If you prefer your own server, we can work with that too.