Keyword Strategy

Grow your traffic organically with a well-researched and executed keyword strategy. Building SEO organically provides the best ROI over time and really helps you own your niche.

SEO Keyword Research

What words should you found found for? What is working and what isn't for you? What is working for your competition? Answering these questions is the first step in developing a keyword strategy.

  • What keywords are you currently found with?
  • What keywords should you be found with?
  • Explore associated search phrases to track also.
  • Research your competitors' keywords.
  • Identify rising or falling trends for keyword targets.

SEO Keyword Tracking and Optimization

  • Keyword tracking is included in our SEO Reports.
  • Rankings can be tracked for specific locales or entire countries.
  • Track rankings for regular Google searchs, mobile searches, Google Local, Bing, and more.
  • Watch your rankings improve. Determine what has traction and what is slagging. Typically, the "fat tail" targets will climb up first then high-volume targets follow.
  • Inform content tweaks / new content to improve keyword rankings.
  • (Re-)Prioritize targets - what is undervalued? what has the best potential?