Metrics That Matter

Metrics That Matter

Analyzing web traffic can be a win-win for you and your visitors. They want to wind up at the right website and you want to welcome them with the solution they seek.

Unfortunately, many websites abuse analytics technologies and impose upon peoples privacy. Install a browser plug-in like Ghostly and visit a giant corporate website and you will be astonished at how much your behavior is being tracked (and abused.)

This is NOT what Superclean is about. Our mission is to improve your visibility and your message so that you can rise to the top of your niche in a world where 66% of web traffic arrives via search.

You don't have to track every mouse-twitch and eye-roll to learn from visitor behavior and improve their experience.

What We Learn from SEO Analysis and Reports

SEO data can get very detailed. Our job is to make sense of it. What can we learn from SEO data?

  • Analytics tells us about our traffic, trends, and audience. What are they looking at and for how long? Where did they land? How did they get here?
  • Track keyword rankings to see how targets perform in search engine results.
  • Segment data to get better localization. Very important for both localized / regional reach and multi-national.
  • Monitor conversions and goal tracking. Where do leads come from? What is working? How do we get more leads?
  • CTR's (click through rate) for pages, queries, and campaigns help identify successes, missed opportunities, and new opportunities.
  • Learn from your competition to see how they compare and what they are targeting.
  • Monitor backlinks and bounce rates and other 3rd party channels.
  • Quantify social media influence from: Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Instagram | LinkedIn | etc.
  • Use SEO in conjunction with ad campaigns and other programs: Google Adwords | Facebook Ads | Bing | AdRoll | Call Tracking | Email Campaigns etc.

How does your SEO report help me?

The goal of the reports is to incrementally improve your site's content and SEO. You want to build traffic but what you really want is quality traffic. Our reports will help you understand where you are valued and where you missing. They will help you capitalize on opportunities and create new ones. Ultimately, your site visitors' behavior tells you what your audience seeks.

What is my click through rate (CTR)?

The CTR is the ratio of site visitors who follow through on a click, whether the clicked link is in an email, social media, search result, online ad, or other web page. We usually track and analyze the CTR of specific campaigns, terms, or pages. So there are many options for measuring CTR's.

What does analyzing click-throughs from queries and page landings tell us?

Search console analysis helps us spot missed opportunities and find new opportunities.