Voice Search

Voice search opens a new opportunity for savvy websites. People are turning more and more to voice assistants and smart speakers for search, and most people just query in a natural way...by asking a question.

Just as we've talked about rising to the top of your niche, there is the opportunity to rise to the top of a query. What question should lead to you?

The exact formula for achieving that top spot to a voice query is still in the early days

How to Optimize for Voice Search (so far)

  • Optimize for the semantic web with schema-structured data. Seems to us that JSON-LD is a key technology for Web 3.0
  • Accelerate your website! Your **mobile page load speed** scores matter now more than ever. Google doesn't want to send people to your slow loading site.
  • FAQ pages (frequently asked questions) work great. Short, concise answers are optimal for answering questions and can qualify as featured voice snippets.
  • Consider the coming monetization of voice search: getting qualified and optimized for voice is going to be huge. The race is on for websites to establish themselves with authority in voice search.