Optimize Your Website!

SEO and website Performance Optimization for your website.

There are many factors and moving parts that make a dynamic website run superfast for everybody. Your website should be SNAPPY -- especially on mobile devices. Tuning and optimizing your website is needed on many levels for great performance.

Foundation for excellent website performance

  • Server hardware and software configurations.
  • Optimizations at the web server (Apache) level.
  • Optimize the database (MYSQL) level.
  • Optimize at the CMS (Drupal core and modules) level.
  • Leveraged browser caching.
  • Proper aggregation and compression of scripts and files.
  • Caching layer technologies.
  • Getting all of the above to work together.

Advanced Website Optimization

  • 100% HTML5 Validation.
  • CDN setup (Content Delivery Network).
  • Structured content ie RDFa, schmema.org, micro formats, Twitter Cards, Open Graph, etc.
  • ADA - Accessibility compliant (especially for government related websites).

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