Webmaster Support Plans

Superclean provides ongoing, custom-configured support plans for most of our clients following their site launch. This makes it easier for website owners because they know exactly who to contact for any and all of their issues.

Basic Webmaster Services

  • Hosting, email, and backup services are included.
  • Typical webmaster support plans for Drupal-based sites include regular security patches and upgrades.
  • Flexible options to pre-book hours (per quarter) at block discount and use for additions, improvements, modifications, marketing services, or other Superclean services.
  • Most Superclean clients are hosted on our servers at LiquidWeb. We can set you up with excellent rates on the server appropriate for your needs.
  • Scaleable - We can set you up on a cloud server so that you can start small and easily grow, and ramp up resources for specific/temporary events, such as when there is a major press release or you are featured on Oprah.
  • Our Drupal sites are best served on LAMP (Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP).
  • If you prefer your own server, we can set you up optimized for Drupal.
  • E-mail set up to work best for YOU.

Webmaster Advanced Support Retainer Packages