Sports & Recreation

Alameda Waterfront

The 34th America's Cup is coming to San Francisco Bay, and Alameda is ready to assist. Superclean created this site almost a year before AC34 chose its venue, but we were always believers.

This Drupal CMS includes categorized news items and features, a maritime business directory, a hospitality directory, an America's Cup interactive timeline, videos, and an advertising banner network with ad tracking. Read more about Alameda Waterfront

Oakland Undercurrent

Superclean created this website for the Oakland Community Pools Project, aka Sons' of Superclean swim team. One of their coaches was recently Anthony Ervin, the olympic gold medalist!

This website had the fundamental goals of keeping team families in the loop for upcoming swim meets and other events. The coaches are able to add and edit the information from their mobile phones while on deck. The website also serves to promote swim lessons to the greater community and is a very successful program. Read more about Oakland Undercurrent

Oakland Yacht Club

March 2010 - March 2016. Site is now managed by another provider.

The Oakland Yacht Club website is 50% front-end marketing and 50% member services (available to members only.) The primary feature of the Members area includes an interactive members directory, online sign-up forms for events, and subscriptions to custom content (such as meal menus and events), and the Seascape club newsletter.

Yacht club website features custom membership tools created with Drupal. Tiered management adds members, inner menus, upcoming events, signups, racing results, and more. forms. Read more about Oakland Yacht Club