Our Responsibilities

Superclean delivers high quality work at a very reasonable price. Generally speaking, this is what you should expect from us:

  • Project Plan: details of the deliverables for the project are expressed in the Scope of Work document (as part of client/service agreement.)
  • Transparent Process: you will get to monitor the construction and design process. The construction site will be password accessible to you and restricted to the rest of the web (mainly so that search engine spiders don't find it early.)
  • Accountability: Superclean will always do the best job possible. Your project's success is what gets us our next client!
  • Creativity: you might think of us as engineers but to us... your website is our next work of art.
  • Empowerment: we train you how to manage content on your website so you have the tools to do whatever you want.
  • Ongoing Support: your post-launch Webmaster Support Plan insures our availability to help you with support, training, and enhancements on top of web hosting, support, security, and backups.
  • Ownership: if you wish to part ways with Superclean, you can take your database and files with you. Because Drupal is open source and very popular, there are plenty of developers out there that can help you continue your site.