This was an SEO consulting project for Countstar, a Chinese-based designer and manufacturer of cell count / cell analysis tools for the biotech and medtech labs. Read more about Countstar

Solaris Biotech USA

Solaris Biotech is an Italian-based designer and manufacture of bioreactors, fermentors, and TFF systems.

Superclean has been involved since the launch of SolarisBiotechUSA.com in early 2018. We built this website and continue to develop content / new pages. Much of our emphasis is on building organic SEO and developing new leads for the company. Read more about Solaris Biotech USA


Superclean has worked with Flotek, a product and service provider in Biotech and Food + Beverage industries, since 2016. Read more about Flotek

Commercial Prospecting

Cprospecting is a custom lead generation app built with Drupal 7. Client reps can easily and securely add leads from their mobile smartphone for residential and commercial painting jobs. Admins are able to move leads through the system -- generating letters and tracking leads from a custom dashboard. Read more about Commercial Prospecting

Zepp Sticks - Catch A Sail

Zepp Sticks is a startup that creates special devices for recreational sailing vessels. The site is invitation only (special login codes are sent to potential partners.) Sorry we can't show you more at this stage, but hopefully soon Zepp Sticks will be available to the public. Read more about Zepp Sticks - Catch A Sail

Lost Never Found

Lost Never Found provides recycling support to organizations to help simplify their lost and found disposal. What to do with all of the lost cell phones and devices?

This website is completely responsive and HTML5 compliant. Loads perfectly on any device, whether it's a phone, tablet, phablet, laptop, or full sized screen. Read more about Lost Never Found

Ladue Painting

Ladue Painting, based in St. Louis, specializes in historic preservation when painting interiors and exteriors of houses and building. This project was particularly interesting to Superclean because the just rehabilitated my old church -- Des Peres Presbyterian historic church on Geyer Road.

The website is made with Drupal and empowers the owner to upload before-and-after pics for his more intricate work such as the wood work around old window frames and crown moulding. Read more about Ladue Painting